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How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Succeed in Business

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Succeed in Business

Written by Gustavo Oliveira

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Most people believe that their most significant assets are their professional experiences, certifications, and diplomas but, in reality, it is the ability to manage good human relations. Human relations are what we might call emotional intelligence (EI). A component of emotional intelligence is how we deal with situations of pressure, frustration, and stress when working with others.

Below are four powerful techniques when handling and developing your emotional intelligence:

Study yourself.

To get a better understanding of your emotional responses, behaviors, and where your weaknesses may lie, learn to pay attention to your reactions and behaviors. Understanding exactly where you need more work can help you get ahead. If you need a better understanding of where your weakness may lie, find people in your professional or personal life who will tell you the truth, even when it’s difficult. They don’t necessarily have to be your close friend or family, but they do need to be honest and unafraid to tell you what areas in your personality you may need to work on.

Manage emotions by merely breathing correctly.

Have you noticed how a person that is under stress or is angry breathes? Very short and fast. Have you seen how a person that is focused and concentrated breathes? Deep and steady. Learn to manage your immediate emotions. To manage your immediate emotions, try breathing and exhaling slowly, by taking deep breaths through the nose, while keeping your ribcage relaxed. Also, deep, slow breathing into the belly is strong medicine for anxiety, fear, and anger. Learning how to slow down breathing is a powerful tool to help one manage emotions and cope with pressure during stressful situations.

Channel your emotions.

A great method of handling negative emotions is to transform negative energies into positive ones by redirecting them to fuel new opportunities. In 2009 I was expanding two successful businesses. Two years later, both had failed and my money was gone. I was crushed, frustrated and disappointed, but instead of letting my emotions reinforce an unproductive mindset and behaviors, I channeled the power of frustration into something positive. I decided use my failures by teaching others from my mistakes. I created a course which was a huge success and became an amazing new asset.

Transmute your emotions.

One powerful solution to handling negative emotions is to transform the negative energies into positive ones by directing the emotions and energies to something else. See chart below for common negative emotions that can be converted into positives ones.

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